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SEO and Social Network Marketing for Movie Producers Is Effective

By Sid Kali

SEO and social network marketing for movie producers is Google search engine gold. It is an essential part of making and distributing movies at every level from indie cinema to big budget studio films in order to make money. The Internet has created an entertainment marketing feeding frenzy online for viewer attention. Movie producers and filmmakers that are late to the table will not eat and starve. National Geographic shows many programs that feature animals battling enemies and their own over a fresh kill to live. The adult animals late to the kill or are too inexperienced on how to get their share of food go hungry.

The entertainment business is not much different when it comes to competition and survival. SEO and social networking marketing for movie producers is gold I am discovering through learning SEO Bully tactics. I do not want to be that filmmaker that is represented by an animal that was too late to the kill to survive and have a National Geographic camera capture my demise. Movie producers and filmmakers also compete in an entertainment landscape for film financing, movie distribution deals, online visibility for their projects and viewers willing to pay money to watch.

The SEO Bully's domain is the world of Internet marketing. It is an interesting place viewing it as a screenwriter, producer, and director. I have arrived at the realization that without SEO and social network marketing for movie producers the chances of securing funding to produce a movie are slim. The filmmakers that aggressively market online to boost visibility for their project are more attractive to film investors because they are already building an online fan base.

Potential film investors see a certain filmmaker's project everywhere online being talked about by the digital community and immediately see its money making appeal. Projects without a strong online presence look too risky to invest in and get passed on. Many self-funded movies that do get produced and finished never find meaningful distribution.

This is because there was not a concentrated SEO and social network marketing effort being used to create a strong online presence with potential viewers. I cannot give away all the SEO Bully information about online marketing techniques here, but there are a few insightful things I heard during a webinar that apply to marketing movies I have taken to heart.

Get your film website live before the screenplay is even done and make sure the SEO backbone of it is up before worrying about overall visual design elements. Getting a high page ranking on a powerful search engine like Google is easy if your site is optimized. There is no point in having a website or blog to promote your movie if people do not know it exists.

Use social networks to connect with movie viewers that like your specific genre. Keep them updated on the progress of your movie, even if you do not have one nickel to shoot yet. It goes back to having a strong presence online to attract film investors and getting people ready to pay to see your movie when it is done. Whenever you get a movie budget invest some of it into SEO and social network marketing efforts like web design, software, and maybe hiring an affordable Internet consultant.

I continue to learn many things about the online side of the entertainment business. It is easy to fall into a comfortable groove like I have being content screenwriting, producing, and directing. Before my thinking changed I saw SEO and social network marketing things to do way down the road. Now when I think about writing a screenplay and producing a project I also outline the SEO and social network marketing for movie producers Google gold tips that work best for the specific project. This is movie producer Sid Kali typing SMASH CUT.

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