Why You Need a Web site for Your Self Published Books

Written by Larry A. Jaggard

Have a self published book? Why you need a web site

For self publishers promoting their self published book or books, the fastest and least expensive way to advertise is through your own web site and not only that but you can make money as well with your site.

If you are serious about marketing your self published book, you need a web site. After I started writing screen-plays and before I self published them, I created one to showcase my scripts, and then my self published books.

Here are other very good reasons why you should have a web site:

Your site can serve as your showcase and portfolio. It can include your biography, experience, book and writing credits as well as links to your published work on Amazon or any place they may be up for sale. So many people are now on the Internet searching for books and it is much easier to simply include a web address for prospective buyers to visit than to try to advertise through other outlets that can cost you a lot of money.

Your site can be your number one marketing tool. Perhaps your book is in the financial field but you also enjoy writing poetry or fiction. Then you can publish those pieces on your web site to receive more exposure and to showcase that you are a serious professional. Who knows, you might even find yourself with some new paying assignments in these fields.

You can demonstrate your expertise in your particular field by showcasing the number of books you have published in that area as well as any experience or education you may offer in this field. Listing your books or putting a selection on your site will get your name linked with various key words surrounding that topic in the search engines.

For self publishing authors, your name is your brand and you need to continually have your name out there and furthermore you need to have it connected with your area of expertise. The more books and publications you have published and presented on the web then the more times your name gets out there for readers and buyers.

Owning your own web site is like owning your own billboard on the Internet superhighway. You can earn money with your own site while you advertise and market your books. Place Pay-Per-Click ads on your site or sign up for some affiliate programs to advertise on your site. Depending on the size of your site and the traffic you attract this may become a major new source of income for you!

I hope I have convinced you that a web site can be an asset to your self publishing endeavors, but I must warn you that web mastering can be very addictive. Don't let it overtake your writing and publishing time. Start out simple and build over time so you can work out a good balance between your self publishing and your web-master chores.

Larry A. Jaggard is a Screenwriter, Photographer, and Web site Builder in Atlantic County, NJ He has several self published books on Amazon. You can view his web site for more details on his screen-plays and books.

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