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The Trenton Six

Screenwriter: Richard John Miller

Logline: The Trenton Six is a true story about six young blacks accused of killing an elderly, white second-junk furniture dealer William Horner on January 27th in Trenton, N.J.in 1948.The six were sentenced to death in the Old Smokey electric chair. Newspaper headlines: They Must Die for Being Black.

Email: Richard John Miller

Amati. The Violin Makers of Cremona

Screenwriter: Richard John Miller

Logline: In Cremona Italy in 1630 the Amati family renowned makers of the Amati violin were living through the horror of the Great Plague. The music and the Great Plague go hand in hand as the Amati family tries to survive. Amati was published in Open Journal of Arts and Letters by Hermione Laake editor. My grandfather Tito Amati told my mother Catherine Amati who told me.

Notes: I have written a play and a a screenplay Amati. I want to get my screenplay produced

Email: Richard John Miller

My Father's Worst Nightmare

Screenwriter: Joe Russo

Logline: With his boyfriend in tow, a college sophomore takes a weekend trip home for the express purpose of “coming out” to his family and all hell breaks loose until a near tragedy triggers his father’s journey towards acceptance.

WGA: #R31691

Email: Joe Russo Contact infor. (843) 9029466(Cell)

The Accomplice

Screenwriter: Joe Russo

Logline: A lovable reform school grad, desperately seeking a fresh start in a small town, unwittingly becomes an accomplice in a murder committed by the most popular kid in town.

WGA: #I52868

Email: Joe Russo Contact infor. (843) 9029466 (Cell)

Diamond City

Screenwriter: Delvonnie Stephens

Logline: A fictional Arizona town, thirty miles east of Phoenix, is owned, run and terrorized by a ruthless Kingpin and his hordes of thugs where the wife of a Tae-kwon-do instructor is being held against her will and forced to fight in underground cage matches with other female fighters, and her husband, his assistant and some former US Army soldiers must get her out.

WGA: #

Email: Delvonnie Stephens

A student life

Screenwriter: Simon Parker
I'm a screenwriter with one feature length screenplay already optioned.

Logline: James is a spoilt rich kid, and after the death of his mother his dad has for years given him everything he’s ever asked for, but is now cutting him off. So attending his local university where he meets Erin, James is hoping to figure out what to do with the rest of his life before he becomes homeless.

WGA: #

feature length comedy screenplay, 98 pages long.

Genre: comedy

Email: Simon Parker

"World of Absolute evil"

Screenwriter: Itzhak Begerano!

Logline: For the first time in his life a police Lt. from New York faces "world of Absolute Evil"! This is a grueling and complex investigation of the "Isaac murder" case, which involves the disappearance and brutal murder of a child…while a strange and eclectic cult calling "the bible disciples" and their charismatic leader "Joshua" become part of the plot! The police begin an uncompromising manhunt after the person responsible for the murder! As the facts unfold during the police investigation and the trial …the shocking gruesome truth is unraveled.

Wga west 2010:1402695

Notes: Feature Screenplay; 1. world of Absolute Evil for feature film contains : 21scenes (170 pages,) 2. world of Absolute Evil for TV series contains : 38 scenes (400 pages)

(Mystery / Suspense)

I'm College graduate for film and television with a major of directing and screenplay writing! Email: Itzhak Begerano!

"Holy Matrimony"

Screenwriter: Itzhak Begerano!

Logline: Can we play chess with our destiny?" Privet investigator chases after nefarious murder while his wife unfaithful to him...she is also being blackmail and fights for her life! It's a story about: obsession and ego which leads to insanity.

Pau 2-647-306 by us, copyright office

Short Screenplay; contains 21 scenes -65 pages It's also available in DVD video movie, 55 minutes length At lulu.com (Hebrew spoke, English subtitles)

(Mystery / Suspense) It Can be used as: MOW or as a basis for full length movie "Holy Matrimony" screenplay wrote in English

Email: Itzhak Begerano!


Screenwriter: Mark R. Rinker

Logline: A crazed monster, conjured up from the depths of Hell, sets its sites on Lindsay Lohan, preparing to embark on a cross-country tour. Lohan finds herself trapped in the psychotic Midnight Carnival and must overcome the residents of the carnival--and their leader, the Beast From Hell.

WGA: #1444456

A 106 page screenplay feature


Email: Mark R. Rinker


Screenwriter: Dan Petersen

Confused by the past and unsure of the future, an ordinary teenager is thrust into a dark and dangerous world where all is not as it seems. Reluctantly, he becomes a warrior and must battle ferocious demons to find his way home and find the truth he knew all along.

Blyth Woods only wants to learn to drive, but his ordinary life is about to be interrupted by an extraordinary adventure. Thrust into a dark world dominated by unimaginable creatures, he is reluctantly recruited as a soldier into a war he doesn’t understand. A series of confrontations and terrifying battles transform him into a warrior and leader he never knew he could be. The dangerous and giant demons he faces are only a prelude to the ultimate question he must answer. In his quest to find his way home, Blyth learns about love, respect, true friendship, and discovers the reason that he was brought into this frightening and incredible place. This is an epic journey and life lesson for the young and old.
"Brink" is available in Pdf format

Copyright registration # PAu 3-461-442

A 98 page screenplay feature


Email: Dan Petersen

"Full Circle"

Screenwriter: Erin Osovets

A carefree sports publicist and a celebrity speed skater fall for each other during the Olympic trials, but their relationship is put to the test by their conflicting personalities

A 100 page screenplay feature

Romantic Comedy

Email: Erin Royce

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